• 5-User Pack
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    • Minimum 5 users
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    • Email Support
  • 20-User Pack
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    • Minimum 20 users
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How can we get the umber app?

Umber will be available on the Salesforce AppExchange before the end of 2015. If you’d like to participate in our beta launch please call 484-851-2375 or email sales@acutedge.com.

How many licenses will we need?

While you will definitely want licenses for each member of your rehab team, you may also want licenses for other staff who interact with the information managed in umber.  Some examples include CEO, CFO, management staff, your real estate team, and administrative staff.

What if we need more than 20 licenses?

If you need more than 20 licenses, please contact us at sales@acutedge.com.

What support is available for umber?

Acutedge (our parent company) is committed to long term support of umber.  An online knowledge base and email support will be available to all umber customers.  Phone support packages will also be available.

Do you offer any customization and training support?

We offer a JumpStart package for $7,500 USD which includes data migration, additional configuration, and personalized training. The JumpStart package is ideal for small teams to get up and running on umber. Organizations needing additional customization or a more comprehensive implementation than covered by JumpStart may contact us at sales@acutedge.com.

What will be included in future releases?

Acutedge will release periodic updates and feature improvements for umber. Here are a few things on our list:

Customizable library of specifications, Housing Quality Inspection Checklist, Client/Contractor portal, Accounting system integration

What if we don’t have Salesforce?

The Salesforce Foundation offers 10 free CRM licenses for qualifying 501(c)3 organizations.  Contact us to learn how to get started!

Still Have Questions?

Great, because we love answering them. Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure we get them all answered.