Your Mission Is Our Passion

Our Story  Inspired By You

After being approached by multiple organizations with a need for a tool to track housing redevelopment, we decided to host a focus group with several of them to collectively explore the problem. With five organizations leading the charter, one of them as an investor , we started development for what is now umber. Our goal, to build a tool to streamline operations, create organizational transparency, reduce redundancies and provide real savings in time and money.

Umber is built on Salesforce, world’s leading cloud platform with more than 100,000 clients worldwide. Its ease of use makes it a great fit for organizations looking for a simple yet powerful tool. 

This is only the beginning! We plan to release periodic updates and new features multiple times in a year. We are also working on some exciting initiatives that will extend the platform to include property management, and homebuyer education & counseling to create a more comprehensive, seamless experience for our users.

The Name

Another name for hamerkop, an unusual bird whose head looks like a hammer (an essential tool for rebuilding!), umber symbolizes productivity, diligence, and strength. Umber birds are expert home builders building nests that are strong enough to support a man.

They are compulsive nest builders, constructing three to five nests per year whether they are breeding or not; these habitats are then used by other animals and reused by hamerkop when not occupied. The color umber also represents the deep color of earth; becoming more intense when heated.

Need help managing other programs?

Check out Acutedge, our parent company. They design and launch custom solutions using salesforce to automate the mundane, eliminate the rework, and chart your path toward progress.

Still Have Questions?

Great, because we love answering them. Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure we get them all answered.