A new application to help manage all your rehab projects

Um•ber makes it easy for you to track, manage, schedule and budget all you your rehab projects. Leveraging salesforce’s power, Um•ber will make it easy for you to grow your success.

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Housing Rehab for Mission-oriented Organizations

Acquisition, Rehab, Resale (ARR) & Homeowner Occupied Rehab management application developed on Salesforce.com, the number one cloud platform!

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What is umber?

Organizations engaged in home improvement or housing development face a number of common challenges, including: inability to manage and forecast their development pipeline, inability to cross-promote complementary services, lack of visibility into client and partner interactions, lack of collaboration among departments, inefficient reporting due to data being tracked in spreadsheets or disjointed systems, and inability to report on outcomes over time.  These challenges prevent them from making informed business decisions and growing their services. Traditional “software” is rigid, not easily accessible and does not scale with your organization, that’s why we built umber.

Umber is built on Salesforce, the most trusted cloud platform. This unified system enables organizations to manage projects from start to finish, including budgets, schedules, and connections with all partners, contractors, and stakeholders either on a desktop or a mobile device. Organizations can also connect funding to programs and services, making it easier to report on their impact. Umber automates processes, centralizes data, and improves reporting.

Manage all your important connections in one place! Track clients, funders, partners, contractors and other stakeholders. Umber provides a 360-degree view of all your relationships. Connect funding to programs, services, and beneficiaries to better understand your impact.

    Manage acquired or homeowner occupied properties. If acquiring a property, identify and shortlist target properties and prospective buyers. As you begin the rehab process, Umber enables you to track scopes of work and estimates. An easy-to-navigate screen allows you to easily compare estimates and award work from your desktop or from a mobile device. Track inspections, call-backs and solutions; contractor eligibility including licensing and bonding.

      In real-time, track project budgets and completion against actual spending. Manage all your expenses including contractor, labor, materials, taxes, permits and any holding or carrying costs. Track invoices from contractors; payments and staff approval of change orders.

        Simple project management to give you all you need and nothing more! Create and update your project timeline as your rehab starts to take shape. Umber will automatically notify contractors and other stakeholders as you approach a significant deliverable. You can also track your staff's time on each project or program to report to your funders.

          Manage your clients all the way from eligibility based on income and other criteria to their contributions towards the project. Keep your clients engaged throughout the process via automated notifications and reminders. Umber natively integrates with Microsoft Outlook so you can have all your email communication easily tracked in both umber and Outlook, giving your team complete visibility into client interaction.

            Need help managing other programs?

            Check out Acutedge, our parent company. They design and launch custom solutions using salesforce to automate the mundane, eliminate the rework, and chart your path toward progress.

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